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August 5, 2022

Annual SERVPRO Convention 2022


Every year, our Tier Level team travels to attend the annual SERVPRO convention. Every year, the convention is held in a different city and this year, being held in Dallas, TX, which meant it was very close to Tier Level HQ in Tulsa, OK. Without a doubt, theconvention was extra special this year, let’s talk about why!

It was great to connect with our clients

The best part about attending SERVPRO convention each year is having the opportunity to meet face to face with our awesome clients. Learning about their challenges, successes, goals, and just connecting away from a computer screen is more valuable than anything. This year, we held our first annual Client Appreciation event. The event was held at Whiskey Hatchet and everyone was invited. Good drinks, axe throwing, and a great turnout lead to an overall amazing event!

Discussing Upcoming Website Changes

Confusion and uncertainty regarding the new website changes was the theme throughout convention this year. We felt incredibly lucky that our clients first turn for help was our ownTier Level team. We were able to explain the new changes in depth, explain how they would affect and benefit our clients, and explain how our team is pivoting to continue to provide stellar services.

Clients understood the benefits of our platform

Aside from explaining what changes SERVPRO HQ are making and why they are making them, it was also important for us to explain how our services come into play for our clients and their businesses. Being able to discuss these changes face-to-face helped our clients understand how Tier Level will continue to benefit them and continue to help grow their businesses.

We are looking forward to the improvements we will make this year.

It is easy to say that there are a lot of things up in the air at the moment with the changes to the website and Web Stages Model. However, our team here at Tier Level is excited to see these changes take place. As usual, our main priority is to provide you with high quality SEO and Social Media services, and that will not change. Like our SERVPRO clients, being adaptable is crucial for the success and growth of our business.


Overall, we had an amazing experience at the convention this year. We feel like our clients now better understand the upcoming changes, the benefits of our platform, and feel confident in our ability to to grow their businesses online. We are so grateful for our clients and having the opportunity to grow alongside them. Next year, the annual SERVPRO convention will be held in Tampa, FL. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Friday, August 5, 2022


Lindy Jansson

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