March 10, 2023

The Evolution Of Social Media Platforms - Instagram


What started as a photo-sharing app has transformed into the second most important social media platform of our time. Before we dive into how Instagram has gotten to where it is today, let’s stroll down memory lane to the beginning.

Instagram Launches in 2010

Instagram has just launched their app where users can upload their photos using a selection of filters. Ah, the good old days when the Earlybird filter took over your feed. After just two months after launch, the app had an astounding 1 million users and was growing daily.

Facebook Acquires Instagram in 2012

Because of its popularity, Facebook makes the decision to purchase Instagram in for over one billion dollars. At that point, Instagram wasn’t making any revenue as it was merely a free photo sharing app- nothing more, nothing less. However, the app’s focus on photo sharing and commenting led to strong user engagement and word-of-mouth marketing. Before they knew it, users were addicted to the endless scrolling and the rise of Instagram wasn’t slowing down.

Advertising for Brands in 2013 and Beyond

Within a year ownership, Facebook launched sponsored posts on Instagram to allow brands to advertise and therefore bring in revenue from the app. With a few more filters and app updates, it was quickly turning into one of the most popular platforms.

After Instagram introduced videos/reels, DMs, and stories, the opportunities for brands were endless. By 2018, 1 billion people were using the app every month. Needless to say, if your company isn’t on Instagram- you should be. In fact, Instagram is proven as a platform that generates conversions. Whether it’s featuring a new product in your story with a “swipe up” link, or creating a reel showing off your company’s skills, there are so many creative ways to successfully advertise on the app.

If you have questions about how to utilize Instagram for your business, our Social Media Team is happy to guide you in the right direction!

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Friday, March 10, 2023


Madison Hood

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