March 31, 2023

Who is Kory Loden: Client Advisor for 40 Hours a Week, Mom of Three 24/7


Who is Kory Loden: Client Advisor for 40 Hours a Week, Mom of Three 24/7

Tier Level is home to a fun and unique group of digital marketing professionals, who I have grown to know and love over the past two years. As the subject of the last employee spotlight blog, I (Rachael) thought I’d dive into the day in the life of someone whose life I applaud and admire. A mom of three kids all under the age of three, Kory Loden, has been working at Tier Level since June of 2022. When she joined the team and I found out she wasn’t much older than me with three children, I about fell out of my chair! I knew this woman was going to be an amazing addition to the team. 

Loden started with TL as all of our new employees do: getting trained in all of our processes and best practices. I remember the day I trained her in SEO Best Practices and How to Meta-Tag. I was in Colorado working from an AirBnB because I was about to be on vacation with my now-fiance’s family. It’s crazy to think less than a year ago she was a new team member! 

What Loden Does for Tier Level

As a Client Advisor, Loden is now responsible for management and communications with half of our clientele as well as many other daily tasks and responsibilities. Loden said the best way to explain what she does, in layman’s terms, is a liaison between our clients and the rest of the company. 

“I am a main point of contact, so if our clients have anything, need anything done, they talk to me, and I get them where they need to go by communicating with the rest of our team,” Loden said. Her main goal is to be here for all of her clients whenever they need her, whether it's a phone call, text or email. Even if her clients aren’t reaching out to her consistently, Loden tries to reach out to at least one client a day everyday. 

“Some of my clients prefer to text… Sometimes it’s a phone call… A lot of the time it’s just ‘Hey, how are things going? What kind of jobs do you have going on?’ And it’s a short conversation,” she said. Although most of her clients are frequently in contact with Loden, she does have a handful of clients she only meets with every few months. 

“I do have regular meetings with some of my clients to touch base and cover a whole bunch of stuff in one sitting instead of communicating back and forth frequently,” Loden said. Because of the number of clients she works with, she is able to space it out to check in with one client a day each month. Having this schedule as well as being available when her clients reach out throughout the day, Loden stays busy with lots of communication. 

What Loden Does as a Client Advisor

With scheduled client meetings, sending check-in emails and responding to clients’ concerns, Loden said her day to day looks different each day. She said she only has one task she is in charge of consistently, every day and that is responding to Google Reviews. Loden said as a Client Advisor, she has to take things as they come. 

“My role is not super task-oriented. I have a to-do list, but I don’t have a set routine. It’s not like checking a box,” Loden said. This is something Loden said she sometimes struggles with because she prefers more task-oriented positions. Despite not being able, as Loden said, “mark something complete at the end of the day,” she said her favorite part is having the freedom to improve the process of helping our clients. As one of our main points of contact between the rest of our team and our clients, Loden is able to see what’s working and what’s not working for her clients and make the necessary changes to improve the client’s experience. 

“I’m not stuck doing what I have to do because it’s always been done that way and it needs to stay that way. I have the option to be like, ‘OK, this isn’t working, and this isn’t working for my clients. Can we do something different?’ That’s really nice to have as a client advisor,” Loden said. 

Loden has been in this position for nine months now and continues to help the whole team improve processes. She has helped us improve our blog strategy, writing blogs for clients every month! She has helped the SEO team with many of our monthly tasks so we complete them on time. Speaking of SEO, Loden said as a client advisor, she wished she had known more about SEO basics and best practices before jumping into the role. Even coming from a digital marketing background, specifically social media management, she said having more SEO knowledge is helpful when talking to clients. 

“I’m not totally uneducated. I wish I was more educated on SEO. It’s a lot easier to talk to people about what we do and what we can offer them when you have the background knowledge,” Loden said, “That’s been an uphill climb. So I would advise people to brush up on their SEO knowledge because they do need it in this role.” 

What Loden Does as a WFH Mom

Loden may be our fierce client advisor during the work week, but she is a mom all day, every day. Before coming to Tier Level, she was a stay at home mom for almost three and a half years. During that time, she was able to learn quickly how to manage her day and manage their day before going back to work full time. While her three kids are usually at daycare, she has had many occasions where she's had to manage client advisor tasks with a sick kid at home. 

“I’ve definitely worn my youngest in a baby carrier on my back for meetings before. Again, it’s just kind of like a day by day thing with them. I have to figure out what works for me at work and works for each of my kids.  A lot of my clients are parents, too, so they get it,” Loden said. 

And make it work, she does. Loden has become an important part of this team at Tier Level. She has helped every team with tasks whenever we need the extra help. She has taken on tasks that were not previously her’s as we transition into an optimized business. Our team wouldn’t be what we are today without Kory Loden! Being able to manage the position of Mom, a full-time job, and constantly communicating with our clients is a talent only few could possess! We are truly lucky to have Loden as a client advisor. 

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Friday, March 31, 2023


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