November 22, 2023

A Look Ahead: Digital Marketing Trends for 2024


A Look Ahead: Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

During the year of 2023, we’ve seen many new marketing tactics and trends start to see traction and popularity. With the easy accessibility to artificial intelligence (AI) online, we’re seeing marketing strategies start to shift and adjust to accommodate this new technology. Considering the advancement of AI and technology, 2024 is going to be a big year for revamping your marketing strategies! Let’s take a look at what our team at Tier Level thinks is going to be the biggest digital marketing trends for 2024.

Using AI Tools for Assistance

AI blew up in 2023, and we don’t see the popularity of this technology slowing down anytime soon. Artificial Intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 and Soundraw are available online and include free features, making it easy for people all over the world to create content with the click of a button. There aren’t many limitations to AI tools these days! These online tools, like the three listed above, are considered generative AI. This means these tools work by collecting a variety of “inputs,” like data, content and other forms of information across the web, to then create an “output,” which could be considered new and original content.

Before jumping on the AI tool bandwagon, it’s important to note that AI is not a real person, and does experience its own set of limitations. As you know, not everything online is accurate or correct, so generative AI tools may be collecting incorrect information when generating an output. If you plan to integrate AI tools into your marketing strategy for 2024, remember that these tools should be used to improve and not replace. AI is a great way to help your team work more efficiently and inspire ideas, but should not replace any of the work they produce. As a new year gets closer, do your research on generative AI and how it could assist your marketing team efforts before deciding to fully integrate these tools into your practice.

Prioritize Voice Search

Hands-free search using voice assistants has been popular for a few years now, but as smart home products become more accessible, voice assistance usage starts to increase. Voice assistance, what you may know as Alexa, Siri or Google, is most used to search for things on the internet when your hands are busy doing something else. The convenience of voice search makes it unique and popular among consumers in the states. Voice search is used by 50 percent of people in the U.S., according to a report by UpCity.

Because of how popular voice search has become, it’s important to prioritize voice search within your SEO strategy for 2024. The way people speak and ask questions through voice search may vary from how people type in a question or relevant keywords on Google. For 2024, consider altering your keywords within your content or how your content is written to accommodate how humans are asking questions through voice assistance. Your content should lean more conversational if you’re wanting to see better results in voice search in 2024.

Social Media Growth

Social media is not going anywhere. Everyone is using it. Everyone is on it. The trend of social media usage is here to stay through 2024, and probably many years after! Your marketing strategy should always include using social media to reach your audience, but with new platforms and trends online, there are a few specific strategies to consider:

  1. Working with influencers: Consumers on social media enjoy seeing other like-minded people enjoy things they may also like! But, many of these consumers are also moving away from mega-influencers’ content and toward finding influencers with niche hobbies and interests and less followers online. Adjust your strategy to work with influencers who have a specific brand with loyal followers instead of mega influencers and “famous” people.
  2. Build brand awareness: This may seem like an obvious step in your social media marketing strategy for 2024, but there are ways to take it a step further! Start using features on each social platform you may not have used before to start building your brand. Features like stories or reels on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to start showing more information about your company and overall brand! Build more awareness for your company by sharing more and using all the features available to you.
  3. Interact with audience: Everyone has seen the posts on X (formally Twitter) of Wendy’s roasting other fast food chains. The Wendy’s X account interacted with a few people on social media, and it became an internet sensation, with customers wondering what Wendy's could possibly do next online! Something as simple as responding to a consumer online potentially leads to loyal customers. Not only is social media used to interact with your customers online for fun, but also for informative purposes. Many consumers are starting to use social media to reach out to company’s about their experiences. Interacting with these types of posts shows you care about your audience and what they have to say.
  4. Social media as a search engine: Many consumers are starting to use social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram as search engines. The amount of information that is available on social media is just as vast and sometimes more digestible for consumers. Because the primary content being shared on social media is videos and images, customers are opting to look for more information on social media rather than on Google. When preparing your social strategy for 2024, think about how people may search for you on social media.

Using Data Analysis for Assistance

Data analysis is probably the least fun part of marketing. The numbers seem daunting and complicated, but it’s an important part of a successful marketing strategy. Data analytics tools not only gain valuable insights into your consumers behaviors and search trends but also help you track and analyze the performance of marketing strategies and content. With these tools, it’s easier for you and your team to improve SEO tactics and create personalized content that shows up on SERP. It’s also easier for you to make decisions on what specifically needs to change within your strategy and what’s actually working. Some data tools also allow you to see where you’re reaching people, how you’re reaching them, and even when they are searching for you. A data analytics tool is oftentimes a necessary investment to make to improve your overall performance on SERP! When budgeting for 2024, consider making room for a data analytics tool to back up all the important work you’re already doing with numbers.

Personalized Content Strategies

When it comes to content production in 2024, many experts are saying that content should start resonating on a more personal level rather than informational. Customers and consumers want to see authenticity from companies in 2024, so try focusing on individualized experiences, human conversations and storytelling within the content you’re producing. Your overall goal should be to get the consumer to connect on a particular level with the content that’s shared. Specific details, stories, information and events are great ways to start integrating some personalized content. Creating unique and personalized content for your customers keeps them coming back and loyal to your brand, but be aware of overdoing it. Just like overdoing keywords, try to keep your content as conversational as possible while keeping it personal.

Over the years, digital marketing trends have ebbed and flowed to meet the needs for both marketing teams and consumers. New trends and tactics are developed every year, but in 2024, we suspect using tools for generative AI and data analytics are going to be more popular. Not only are these tools online gaining traction, but revamping your marketing strategy to prioritize social media, voice search and personalized content are going to put your brand on top. As we head into a new year, review your marketing strategy and continue to make necessary adjustments to include a few of these trends for 2024.

If you need assistance with your 2024 digital marketing strategy, contact our team at Tier Level Digital Marketing. We have a team of marketing experts who help with SEO, social media, graphics and videos or directory listings.

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