September 30, 2022

How to Market Effectively On Facebook


Marketing on Facebook is the next step after creating a business profile. Once you have your voice, theme, and profile set up with a cover photo, profile picture, and bio, it’s time to market. Marketing on Facebook can be categorized into 3 strong areas; engagement, goals, and ads. If done correctly and accurately, your Facebook page can be rather attractive. Let’s jump into how marketing is done.


Engaging with your audience is the purpose of social media outlets. As a representative of your brand, you are able to discuss, share and talk about your content with your audience. You can draw in your audience by posting local content, on-site job photos, and other high-quality, attractive photos. The most effective form is asking a poll question, a “Did you know?” post, a quote, or a post that directly asks your audience a question to reply to in the comments. Content worth sharing is paramount here. Here are 3 areas to remember for when you are posting to engage

  1. Poll questions
  2. Trending topics
  3. Ask questions
  4. Behind the scenes
  5. Engaging posts

Since you can’t reach everyone on Facebook, you can use these tactics to help drive engagement. Use your brand, voice and theme to the best of your ability. Talk to your audience and attract them to your content.


When considering your audience, budget, and strategy, you need to create goals. These can be yearly, monthly or weekly, depending on your needs. I’ll line out some ideas to help you generate a few goals.

  1. Sales increase
  2. Efficient engagement posts
  3. Tracking progress
  4. Experience growth

To increase sales, you may use a targeting strategy. Finding your audience on where they are, what they do and what they search for. Facebook is large, which means it has a lot of potential, but doesn’t mean that it will instantly work. When trying to increase sales, you will experience a lot of trial and error. In effort to increase sales, you need efficient engagement posts. These posts can be an example of what you read in the engagement section, or it can be posts for brand awareness. You want your audience to be familiar with your company but also be attracted to your company in some form or fashion.

Since you’ve created a strategy and engagement posts for your sales trajectory, you need a goal that tracks your progress. You can use Facebook or other third-party websites that track your engagement, views, posted links clicked, impressions and many other forms of engagement. This is another trial and error process that takes time to establish. You may find one post being more engaging than another or certain captions are more captivating than others. This is part of the process, trust that you will find what works. Once you find your niche, you will experience growth, this is your last goal. Try and try again, post more and more at accurate times, and see your business's Facebook profile grow.

This idea can work for all industries. Some points may need to be adjusted slightly, but overall this is a guide to helping you navigate through your marketing strategy. Although organic growth is the most sought after and most accurate way to attract your exact audience, you can use Facebook ads to your advantage.


Facebook ads is unknown territory for a lot of business owners and individuals, but if this is you, I have some helpful tips for you. Facebook is heavy on organic reach. With all the changes Facebook has made, businesses have been forced to pay for ads. Although ads are basically forced upon you, Facebook is the most sought after place for marketers to run paid ads. The first step to running ads is defining your target audience.

Facebook allows for you to granular with your ad targeting, showing ads to relevant users. You will need to create an audience layout. An audience layout with look something like this:

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Language
  4. Demographics
  5. Interests

These 5 parameters will all help when creating your advertising strategy, budget and execution. Although ads are summed up into the word “ads”, Facebook has plenty of ad options with the most common being image, video and carousel ads. These are all options when choosing an ad. Whether you pay for them to be boosted or you add a story with a clickable link, you will figure out the right strategy for you.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about marketing on Facebook, it’s time to put it to the test. Log into your Facebook, button up your profile and begin outlining your strategy. Facebook brings exceptional opportunities for marketing and expands your reach.

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Friday, September 30, 2022


Marshall Hatfield

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